The biggest fish in the sea!

The gentle whaleshark

Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia

Whale shark snorkelling in Exmouth

So it finally happened! After a little chasing carousel around the globe (attempts in Maldives, Seychelles and Mexico), we managed to find this perfect spot! Ningaloo reef, located in the Western Australia Coast, by the Exmouth Gulf. This place seems to be a perfect, seasonal feeding destination for hundreds of whalesharks – true all you can eat buffet.

These animals still remain a huge mystery for humans. We only know they grow large (up to 18m). Those in Ningaloo are mostly juvenile males with average lenght of 5 – 7meters.

How they reproduce and most of their life cycle is still unknown and has been widely speculated by the scientists. These secrets make it clear that it’s all the mother nature that rules this world.

4 whale sharks spotted!

With this little introduction we can finally say that we saw 4 different whale sharks and swam with them, following their gentle moves at the back of their tails! This was a beautiful time filled with grace and melody provided by the elegant giants. They have an unique white dot pattern characterising every single one of them. They seem to be the absolute bosses of the ocean crew.  Since they are wild animals the interaction with them is restricted by the australian law, which aims to minimalize the human impact on their daily rutines and mantain freedom.

Are the whale sharks going to be there?

What are the chances of spotting the whale shark while on the boat?

In Australia, Ningaloo reef, it’s all directed from the sky! Every morning the plane takes off and starts to search for the shadows of the majestic creatures. As soon as they are located, the boat gets the updated directions of the whale sharks as well as the number of the animals present at the moment close to surface.

The whale shark rules

One of them can be interrupted by one boat only at a time, with a small group of people. When turists get their snorkel gear ready for the whaleshark fun, they jump into water asap and follow the animal.

It’s super important to stay behing its the side fins and no closer then 3 meters. It allows the whale shark to swim gently and do its own thing without disturbing it. If irritated, the fish can dive 500m deep and disappear.

The time with the boss of the ocean is limited. An hour would be the max! It’s enough though as the creature moves pretty quickly so you need to work hard to catch up! Experience of the lifetime guatanteed with the minimum risk! We highly recommed it! Our honemoon goal has just been fulfilled!

A selfie with the gentle giant
A selfie with the gentle giant

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