Vibrant city of Sydney

Sunset over Sydney Opera house
Sydney is by far the most famous Australian city. I am pretty sure that most of the visitors to the Land Down Under include this metropoly in their initiary. First thing that needs to be known is that Sydney is huge and densly populated. To go around the city and pretty much all the New South Wales you will need an „Opal Card”. This allows you to use ferries, buses, trains all around the state. What is cool about it that after 8 journeys rest of the week is free. That means you will most likely take the long distance rides at the end of the week. On Sundays you can ride all day for 2,5$, anyways.
Since you now know how to move around let me tell you where to go 🙂 The city center known as CBD is a labirynth of scyscreepers. When you walk around there you will pass City Hall, Hyde Park and Sydney Tower among other historical buildings, galleries, museums and landmarks. Speeking of landmarks there is no building in Australia more widely known than marvelous Sydney Opera House. Once you reach circular quai you can walk all the way to the Opera and even go on a tour inside. But in our opinion the best place to sit and stare and the world famous building is the Botanical Garden. There you can relax among green surroundings and enjoy views of the harbour as long as you don’t have to fight with parrots for your food.

Second most recognizable construction is the Harbour Bridge. Make sure you walk all the way across it as it will provide some great views. If you dare and if you have deep pockets you can even climb to the top of the bridge for a thrilling expierience.

At the north side you can enjoy a walk by the harbour and some fun at the lunapark. If you go to the Olympic Pool you can have a swim whith one heck of a view.

Sydney takes great pride of its beaches and surf culture. So do not miss one of the sandy spots! The most famous by far is Bondi Beach. Its broad and good for surfing but might get crowded. Another good thing there is the Costal Walk which takes you on a nice stroll along the ocean edge with some overlooks on Tamarama Beach and Bronte Beach.

Bondi Tamarama Bronte
Another great way to see the city is from the ferry! One of the most popular rides takes you to Manly when you can enjoy beach in a small town atmosphere.

If you ever get bored with the city life you can catch a train at the Town Hall Station and easily escape to the Blue Mountains National Park. If you get off the train in Katoomba it is only few minutes walk to picturesque “Three Sisters” rock formation. If you are more adventurous, trails in the park can go for many, many kilomiteres.

If the weather is windy and you can see  the ocean is choppy it is probably a good idea to take a train to Kiama Blowhole. There, the weaves get squeezed to a small tunnel and at the other end of it they errupt almost like a geysir.
A lot to do and a lot to see, so go ahead and book your ticket!

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