Top 13 paradise beaches in the World

Most beautiful beaches in the world?

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Top 13 Paradise Beaches in the World

There are countless beaches in the world. Some of them are truly stunning. There are located in picturesque locations with white sands and turquoise waters.

We decided to make a list to help you chosoe which heaven-like place you should visit next! If you know some other incredible places that we need to check out, let us know in the comments. Here are the 13 most amazing beaches that we were lucky to visit and consider the most beautiful:

1. Anse Source D’Argent,  La Digue Island, Seychelles.

Anse Source D’Argent is absolutely our number 1. Crystal clear water, stunning rock formations, paradise! You can snorkel and follow reef sharks as well as other kinds of colourful fish. You can order coconut by the beach and it really feels like heaven!

2. Whithaven Beach, Whitsundays, Australia.

A paradise in Queensland. The beach is gorgeous with the white, pure sillica sand which is so fine that can clean your jewellery. It also makes this amazing squicky sound while you walk on it. There’s this amazing lookout on the Whitsundays swirls just near the beach and this would be our favourote lookout of all. Sadly, the Whitsundays region was badly damaged by the cyclone Debbie in 2016 so the swirls don’t look so perfect anymore, yet the nature knows no limits and this place will be back in its full glory in no time. Whitsundays are also perfect for exploring the underwater life of the Great Barrier Reef!

3. Shipwreck Bay, Zakynthos, Greece.

This beach is amazingly BLUE. Like no other place in the world. It’s very crowded and full of tourists in the summer months but still it’s the place one must visit! The view of the beach from the lookout or wild spots by the edge of the cliff is beyond stunning. It’s the bluest water we’ve ever seen! You may mistake the place for heaven! Read about our experiences at this marvelous location and plan you own stay!

4. Anse Lazio & Anse Intendanse, Seychelles.

Back to Seychelle and the Anse Lazio lovely beach with the famous granite rocks. The colour of the ocean is great, the beach is wide and very welcoming. You can snorkel and spot many different animals including various fish, turtles and sting rays.

Together with the beach described above we must put Anse Intendanse in the same position. Lovely, friendly and paradise-like looking. Beautiful scenery, white sand and endless warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Perfect spot! A joyful play in the weaves is a great time to relax not only for the youngest travelers!

5. Hauckland Beach, Lofoten,  Norway.

The beach is camping-friendly. Perfect for watching the midnight sun. The colour looks just like in Hawaii but the water temperature is much lower. Still, the scenery is breathtaking and you can take a lovely hike up the hill to watch the beach from above. These views are astonishingly beautiful and you are more than likely to meet some sheeps.

6. Hotel Adaaran Prestige Vadoo Resort, Maldives.

This is a true paradise. Calm, private beach that belongs to the hotel. Great, easily accessible snorkelling, crystal clean, warm water and pure, white sand. The senery is even better with the villas located on the water. This is place straight from the postcards!

7. Hapuna Beach,  Big Island, Hawaii.

Very wide and friendly with fine sand. Voted as one of the best beaches in the world. Was very nice by the big hotel, great place to relax and swim. You can see the neighbour island of Maui. One of the few spots on Earth where you can do a night swim with Manta Rays. Those gentle creatures swim and swirl like underwater ballerinas. Incredible spectacle.

8. Kvalvika, Lofoten, Norway.

It’s a beach one must hike to get to. The trail is pretty steep with a lot of rocks but it is totally worth getting to the sandy beach. Great views, but need to remember to wear a lot of layers and a waterproof jacket since you are above Artic Circle! Norwegians say: Thee is no bad weather, only bad clothing”.

9. Lucky Bay, Esperance, Western Australia.

This beach and all the National Park are beyond stunning. That is a perfect place for sunmer in Australia because in the winter time it gets very windy and chilly. The waves are huge and even though we’ve heard snorkelling is great down here, we were not able to check it ourselves. Yet, you can meet kangaroos early in the morning who can’t refuse the awesome view and they really have their morning party by the beach or right on the sand. Esperance is considered to have the whitest sand in whole Land Down Under.

10. Tulum, Mexico.

This place is almost mystical. Not only it is a pure paradise for all beach-lovers but it has some amazing ruins on the hill and there’s just so much to discover all around! Mayan history mix with natural beauty as you can spot Iguanas taking their daily sun bath among the ruins of the ancient port. What a spot!

11. Venice Beach, LA, California.

Famous of its lovely palm trees and Santa Monice piere.  Wide and full of celebrities from all over the world. A must-visit place while exploring sunny California. It’s a great place for sunsets, too! Just like from the movie. We just couldn’t resist doing a little “Bay Watch” role-play.

12. Turquise Bay, Cape Range National Park, Western Australia.

Just a paradise for all water-lovers who could only snorkel all day long. It is interesting because you begin your snorkel from one point and then you explore the underwater world together with the current of the ocean, so it makes it  much easier. During your lazy drift, you can see lots of different animals, including turtles and bluespotted rays. What is more, this is one of the best places in the whole world to swim with the biggest fish in the sea – Whale Sharks! Amazing experience, you can read more about it here.

 13. James Kealoha Beach Park,  Big Island, Hawaii.

Excellent spot in wet, tropical, eastern part of the Big Island. You can enjoy turtles company during your swim in the warm waters. The shore is a bit rocky, but rainforest surroundings are very neat.

What is your beloved beach and where is it located?

Please leave a comment to let us know!

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  1. I loved beaches in the Maldives because of the crystal clear turquoise waters. Nice to check your collections 🙂

  2. Followingtherivera says: Reply

    This is a wonderful list, and paradise on earth indeed! I love the ones in the Seychelles the best, they look stunning. Hope to make it to Hawaii one day.

  3. This is an amazing list! I’m definitely going to add some of these beaches to my bucketlist!

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