The Savannah Way

Gulf of Carpentaria

The Savannah Way

The best way to travel in Australia is by car. It allows you to go in your own pace and spend as much time on the road as you want to. The roadtrip possibilities are truly amazing in the Land Down Under. One of the famous routs is called The Savannah Way, which takes you from Cairs across the red outback all the way to Broome. There are some variations on the way depending on how well your vehicle is handeling the dirt tracks. We drove Eastern half of this route on our way from the  Queenslands coast to Northern Territory.

Millstream Falls National Park

We left Atherton Tabeland behind and set course to the West! Our first stop was the  Revenshoe and visited  the waterfalls just outside of town in Millstream Falls National Park. A short walk takes you to the viewing platform situated just above roaring falls.
Millstream Falls

Australia’s outback

As we go west we are getting deeper and deeper into the Outback. The termite muds start to surround the road. And the road itself gets more and more narrow, sometimes it is just a single line which makes it little difficult for our small town car to pass huge australian roadtrains.

Gulf of Carpentaria

After hundrets of kilomiters we made it to Normanton. It is the biggest town in the region. Here the Savannah Way splits to adventerous 4wd track or endless paved route through mining town of Mount Isa. We are forced to chose second option. But before we continiue West we decided to have a short detour to Karumba. This is only paved acess to the Gulf of Carpentaria.
The landscapes are magnificent and they have a certain feeling of remotness from other places on Earth, from the heist and everyday bussiness of today’s world. Here you can marvel at endless, flat waters of the gulf, you can be amazed by countless birds and animals. This is the place where one can truly rejuvenate.

Heaps of kangaroos

This small and quiet town is also headquoters to big prawn and fish industry, so you can enjoy some of the local delicatessy. The region is abundant with kangaroos and wallabies. Especially around dusk and down and in the night they are litarally swarming on the side of the road which makes driving really risky.

QLD – NT border

As we were heading to the Northern Territory we had to pass Mount Isa. There you can visit the biggest mine in Australia. The boarder of the Northern Territory is not much further. We are saying goodbye to Queensland…at least for now.

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