Surfing the big wave!

Roadtrip Western Australia
Would you like to try surfing without actually getting yourself wet? Well, it’s possible! Right next to Hyden. The Wheatbelt welcomes you and shows off some cool rock formations. The most popular one, resembling the real wave is 2,4bilion years old! The rock streches 100m and stands 15m high. It looks just like the wave being about to crush over the surrounding bush.

The area includes also some other unique granite rocks outcrops. One of them looks just like hippo’s yawn and so is the name of the attraction. You can also see the Munka Cave which walls are covered with Aboriginal paintings. It’s open all day long so if you’re about to explore it during darkness, bring a flashlight.The Wheatbelt is also home to many kangaroos so you can spot many of them on every pathway. Good luck;)

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