Venice of the North – Stockholm



Although the capital of Sweden – Stockholm may not be the most popular tourist destination it is defnitely worth visiting and, what is more, you can do it on the budget. After all, it is called the Venice of the North for a reason.

Gamla Stan – Old Town

The city spread across many islands. Countless bridges and tunnels  connect the islands to each other. We had a plesure to visit it just when the christmas spirit and decorations took over the city.

The biggest tourist attraction is, with no doubt “Gamla Stan” – Old Town. Narrow, curved streets reminded us Mediterranean style port towns.  Afternoon walks in that neighbourhood are truly charming.
Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Gamla Stan, Stockholm

The Vasa Museum

Public transport ticket is quite expensive, but you can take a ferry straight from old town to island which used to be a royal hunting ground –  Djurgården. Nowadays, it is full of parks, fairgrounds and museums. Last of those are unfortunatelly not free of charge. We picked one that appeared the most remarkable – “the Vasa Museum”. It definitely met our hight expectations. It was build to fit the vessel restored from the bottom of the Baltic Sea in the 60s. That Swedish battleship was build in XXVII century and sank on its 1st voyage. Visiting this place is like traveling back in time and  a walk through all 5 floors can satisfy even the most fact-thirsty explorers.

Vasa ship

Journey back XVII c.

Free guided tours

Free guided tours are offered by freetourstockholm. Definitely an easy to remember webside name and you can choose from variety of 3 routes. Each of them offers other attractions, viewpoints and all are full of with funny, interesting facts and anecdots presented by your guide. Check out which of the trips fits your needs best.

the Southern Island

Our #1 was view point located on the rocky Södermalm. It translates simply as the “Southern Island”. Having some leisure time over there is a perfect way to spend an afternoon. The Views of  Gamla Stan, Rådhuset and the entire city below are simply stunning.


Gamla Stan

At night…


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