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Singapore is a city-state in South East Asia. It consist of one main island and numerous smaller islets. Most of its territory is urbanized and very modern. It serves as a major trade and transport hub in the region and we had a pleasure to stay there on a 3-day layover.

Northern outskirts of Singapore

First, we started in the northern outskirts of the city as we were staying there with our couchsurfing host. She showed us around the water management system of the country consisting of many large water reservoirs and, later on, we enjoyed a hike trough MacRitchie nature reserve to the Treetop Walk.

Rainforest Walk

It is a pleasant walk in a lush rainforest and it finishes with a swing bridge like a boardwalk above the vegetation.

Need to be careful about your belongings as some sneaky monkeys only wait to grab some food or pretty much any shiny object from you and run away to the tree canopy far above.


Modern downtown of the city

After, we headed to the downtown. As soon as we walked out of the subway, we were amazed by the modern surroundings. The futuristic Marina Bay Sounds Hotel with its rooftop infinity pool overlooks the harbour. Unfortunately we did not make our millions yet, so we could not afford to spend the night there.

The statue of Merlion

The walk around the Marina Bay is a great way to enjoy the scenery. Just next to it, you can see downtown buildings towering next to each other. There, you can find a statue of Merlion, a creature which is half fish and half lion and a symbol of the city. A lot of people try to take a picture with a forced perspective trying to make it look like they drink from the Merlion fountain. A fun sight to watch from the side.

Gardens by the Bay

Then, you can walk through world famous Gardens By the Bay. The gardens feature Supertree Grove consisting of artificial tree-like platforms for vegetation as well as two domes housing some of the world best greenhouse gardens. It is a fantastic way to spend the afternoon and some say that it is even better after sunset as everything gets illuminated.

Sentosa Island

The wealth of the city is probably the best seen on the artificially made island of Sentosa, which is a local playground. You can find there numerous attractions such us Universal Studios, Waterparks, Roller Coasters and much more. But for us, the best way to enjoy this island was the leisure time at its fabulous beaches.

Transport around Singapur

The best way to move around the city is by subway known as MRT or by bus. If you buy the top-up card it is relatively cheap as you pay only for the distance you travelled. There are wonderful shopping opportunities in Singapore and you come across gargantuan shopping malls surprisingly often.

World’s cheapest Michellin-starred restaurant!

Food is great. Especially in Chinatown, where you can find world’s cheapest Michellin-starred restaurant. Do not miss the famous Honey Soy Chicken Rice!

Same meals can cost 1/3 of the price here compering to Marina Bay neighborhood. All of this makes Singapore a wonderful place to visit and you will surely not get bored during your stay.

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  1. I would highly recommend to visit Gardens by the Bay and the area of Marina Bay Sands in the evening. It’s just a very beautiful area, plus free evening shows you can see there every night are spectacular.

    You can go for the 8 PM show in from of the Marina Bay Sands. Stand or sit next to the LOUIS VUITTON shop for the best view. And then head for the 8:45 show in Gardens by the Bay.

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