San Diego, California

Awesome San Diego

San Diego

Our last stop on the journey down the California Coast was San Diego.

The city is very clean and well maintained. It does not matter if we are in buzzling downtown, or quiet and laid back oldtown, we can see the american city looking like it is taken straight out of a movie set.

We took our time relaxing on the beach and had a tour of the city. Right outside of it, there is a navy base. So while you lie on the warm sand, you can see fighters and copters flying around.

After a pleasent day, we ventured forth to Grand Canyon. Our schedule was packed, so we decided to drive overnight to get there for sunrise. You can read the full story here.

Cowles Mountain

We managed to visit San Diego again during a 9-hour layover. Our lovely friend who we met while working on summer camp took as for a night hike. We made it to the top of  Cowles Mountain. Very pleasant trail took us to the top where we could enjoy the 360 degrees panorama of Southern California. You could even see Tijuana, Mexico just on the other side of the border.


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