Perth – First Impressions

It happened! After an over 19h flight we landed in Australia! Our first stop is the city of Perth. We took our time to walk around its cosy downtown. What is great about the city is that it has free public transportation in the central zone. Besides it is fairly close to walk around.

You can see some of the historical buildings like the mint, one of the two cathedrals, city hall or the oldest hotel. For us the true highlight of the city was Kings Park. It is situated on the hill and it offers fantastic walking routes, great views of downtown and neat arrangements of both local and foreign flora. Just take your time and relax among green slopes. You won’t regret it!


In the evening you can enjoy views of downtown lights from modern Elizabeth Quay. In addition you can catch there a ferry that will take you across the Swan river to the Perth Zoo. As soon as you get off the boat you will be rewarded with magnificent view of downtown.

You can enjoy nerby towns and suburbs by traveling with public transport network – Transperth 🙂 Both of us traveled entire day on one family ticket for 12$. A good place to include in your vitsit is Cottesloe beach. It is a lovely location by the Indian Ocean with white sand and some surfing opportunities.
Another town not to be missed is Fremantle. This port is situated in a place where Swan river meets the sea. You can enjoy walking along the harbour and historic buildings such as Fremantle Prison. But the town is really famous for its food and restaurants. Places, like Cappucino Strip, stand up for their names. Make sure that you visit on the weekend when the fantastic Fremantle Market is open. You can find there a variety of streetfood stands and stalls full of everything from shoes and fruits to boomerangs.


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