Kangaroo morning!

Little Joey

Cape Le Grand National Park

On the south-western coast of Australia we decided to visit Cape Le Grand National Park famous for its neat beaches and a beautiful coastline. We also knew, that not only humans love these white sands of Lucky Bay, as popular holiday destination. It’s kangaroos who literally chill on the beach and warm up their furs. With this knowledge, we decided to check this spot as a priority.

Sunrise at Lucky Bay

Shortly before the sunrise we already met few kangaroos wandering around our car. We knew this is going to be a good day. As the sun raised above the horizon, the kangaroos started doing their everyday routines: feeding and a “morning bath”.


Baby kangaroo in the wild

We were lucky enough to notice a baby kangaroo trying to take a sneak peak of the world outside of his mother’s “bag”. This was an awesome experience!

Cape Le Grande and its amazing views

With the smiles on our faces we checked some other locations that the national park offers. Mostly beaches and Mt Frenchman hike that leads to the top of a lonely mountain. It’s worth taking the trail just to see the endless plains of Australia’s landscape. It’s quite steep though. Make sure the clouds are not rolling in as it’s much easier to climb and descent the mountain while the rocky surface is dry.


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  1. Beautiful pictures dear! I love kangaroos! They are so cute 🙂

  2. My Aunt went to Australia once, and I have been itching to go myself. Love you Kangaroo photos!

  3. Neil Alvin Nicerio says: Reply

    That was such a splendid view. Great photo of a kangaroo with its joey. 🙂 Keep on sharing such nice articles.

  4. Oh wow, you were so lucky to see kangaroos in the wild and approach them as well. They look very friendly. The little baby is adorable!

  5. Your pictures are gorgeous! Makes me miss Australia! Love the perspective and angle of the pictures.

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