Journey up the Queensland’s coast

A journey through Queensland’s coast continious north and our next stop was Bundaberg. The town is famous for its rum desttillery and its ginger beer. You can start to see sugar cane plantations from miles away. It is also the gateway to the southern Great Barrier Reef. World’s biggest reef will streach along the coast as far north as Australia goes.

In the neigbourhood you can find a small, cosy beach called Mon Repos. In particular time of the year it turns into a magical place as the small sea turtles hatch from their eggs.

As you go along a coast you will find a town with rather  uncommon name. I am talking about „1770”. The town was named so to memorize a year when Captain Cook sailed along this shores. Place is known for its atmosphere and surfing spots.

Further up you will get through the city of Rockhampton. It is famous for beeing Aussie’s Beef Capital, so make sure you get your steak treat.Just a few minutes drive from there laies a coastal town called Yeppon. This is the gate to Capricorn Coast, that means you are going to enjoy numerous, often uncrowded and very picturesque beaches, just take a look under:
Once you get to Mackay, before you enjoy one of its beaches, you need to start beeing crock aware. From here north ocean waters might be infected with salt water crocodiles! They are pretty stealthy, you should never swim in the dark and it would be best to stick to patrolled beaches. Same goes for creeks and fresh waterholes, better to check if they are not repetedly reported as dangerous.

A short detour inland will take you to tropical rainforest oassis of Eungella. From there you can not only enjoy some views from mountain tops down to rural valley but most of all it is one of the few spots in Australia where you can observe platypuses in the wild. They are really quick and got brown fur and swim in brown creek, so it is a bit of a challenge, but while you wait for that extraordinary mammal to pop his head out  you can watch some of the lazy river tourtles floating in the river as well.  Your next stop on the way north might be our favourite place in entire Australia…more about it in the next note!

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  1. Enjoyed the note a lot! But still i'm worried, be careful with those predators! Cheers

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