Halls of the Ice Queen

Ice Cave – “a must” while exploring Iceland in winter!

If you happen to chose to travel to Iceland in winter time visiting Ice Cave is an absolute must.

Just imagine beeing surrounded by walls of deep blue, thousands years old Ice. It is like a trip to a whole new world. It is the one ruled by Elsa from Frozen, or Snow Queen or Ice Giants of Jotunheim – your pick.

Vatnajökull National Park

First things first, in order to visit such a magnificent place, you will have to travel around 350 km east from Reykjavik to Vatnajökull National Park which protects (same named) largest glacier in Europe. Renting a car is highly recommended althoug driving conditions can be quite challenging. The other thing is tht you will need a guide in order to safely pay a visit in Ice Castle. We chose Local Guide of Vatnajökull. We were really satisfied with our choice.

Unique experience, every single year!

The meeting point looks abandoned at the first glimpse but later on it turns out to be very cosy and welcoming facility. Our guide was living in this neigbourhood his entire life, just like his father and grandfather before. He had a genuine passion for mountains and had a lot of experience with the  Ice Caves. The thing is they are created during the summer when glacier retreats and the water resulting from melting carves tunnels and halls through Ice. So each year new Ice Caves are created and old ones are destroyed. So each year it is a different, unique experience. In autumn months guides task is to locate and asses newly created caves.

Inside the Ice Cave

We continued our journey in a group of 8 in 4-wheel drive monster. Path leaded throught frozen deserted arctic tundra to the tip of a Vatnajökull Glacier. After a short walk we entered the cave.

It was suprisingly warm and quiet after experiencing the wind roarming outside felt almost like a sanctuary.
Due to compression and great strenght of a glacial movements Ice in a glacier is deep blue colour. Our pictures do not lie. This is how it looks. Maybe slightly better in a matter of fact.

30 minutes in a deep blue paradise!

We had the cave for ourselfs for 30 minutes. It was quite big with couple of big halls and multiple tunnels so with just 8 people in there we had a lot of privacy. Photography opportunities are just incredible, views are stunning, it was definietly the greatest 30 min on Iceland.

After that we were droped off in the same location and we continued east to famous glacier lagoon – Jökulsárlón.

Regular trip vs Photography trip

Local Guides were also offering a “photography trip” to Ice Cave. In that year, both trips were visiting the same cave but had some more time, inside. We were perfeclty satisfied with our 30 minutes. In some seasons, they will take you to some more distant ones. Be sure to book in advance as they sell out quickly.
Do not forget to check out our short movie from this adventure.

See you in the Ice Halls!

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