Gold Coast

The city of Gold Coast is situated right on the Pacific Coast. It has stunning, broad, almost endless beaches which made the city so popular among watersports lovers and tourists. Today it is a vibrant holiday hub with a wide variety of entertaiment. You can relax on the beach, master your surfing skills, join pulsating night live, visit one of many amusement parks, get closer to nature on a trip to a national park or join the whale watching cruise. We decribed our experiences with great marine mammals here.

Gold Cost consists of many smaller neighborhoods such as famous Surfers Paradise. As we entered from the south we enjoyed a slow morning on Burleigh Heads. From there you can see all the skyscreepers further up north just by the ocean and it is not as populous.

snack stop on Burleigh Heads

Further on we stopped at Broad Beach. The name suits perfectly! You can stroll along the sea for kilometers and kilometers. Our next stop was Surfers Paradise. This is the centre for both tourist and locals.  There is something about waterfront lifestyle that reminded us of Mimi and the abundance of newly build hotels and sort of entertainment that both resembled Las Vegas.

For such nature lovers like ourselves it was a wise move to go to the nearby Springbrook National Park. From there you can enjoy spectacular waterfalls and great views of the mountains and distant city skyline by the ocean.

In another part of the park called the Nature Bridge you can walk through the rainforest by the creek. But the true show starts when the sun goes down. In a cave with the accompaniment of plunging  waterfall you can  see the Glow Worms starting to shine! This amazing little creatures are all over the cave walls and ceiling creating light patterns. You need to be careful not to shine your camera flash or torch directly on them as they may then stop glowing for the rest of the night. If you want to try out your night photography skills do not forget your tripod. Good luck!

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