Glacier Point – Yosemite’s must!

Glacier Point and the Yosemite Valley

Glacier Point

Glacier Point, together with Yosemite Valley is the most popular and beautiful part of the Yosemite Park. It’s fairly easy to get there as the road is very well marked yet be careful, because it’s quite winding and steep, at times! On our way up, you can also choose to park your car right next to the start of the trail towards Sentinel Dome and Taft Point. Before the road reaches its dead end, you will find one more, amazing place. A Yosemite’s “must” called Glacier Point. This lookout shows the whole valley of Yosemite with the magnificent Half Dome and its marvelous waterfalls: Vernal and Nevada.

In the far, yet not too far, distance you can see a massive Sierra Nevada Range. It’s absolutely an awe-inspiring experience. Only five more minutes by car and you are at the actual, one and only Glacier point.

U-shaped Valley

Once you reach the egde of the lookout area, you will be surprised to see an enormous u-shaped, post glacial valley. To the left, you will notice the Yosemite Fall which flows especially after snowy winters and is visable in the beginning of the summer. By the end of August, it can disappear.  To the right, the valley seems to be isolated by the 900-meter tall and steep face of Half Dome. If you are into mountains in general, the view will stay in your hearts forever! It’s really hard to describe the beauty of Yosemite Valley and even the photographs don’t do it justice! We tried our best capturing the essence of this Yosemite’s paradise so don’t hesitate to watch the pictures below!


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