First real outback experience!

Perth was a nice and welcoming city, yet after 3 days we left for a camping adventure towards Exmouth. Only after a few kilometers north of Perth we started spotting these unique road signs warning you to watch out for kangaroos, emus, cattle and small ones that we yet neet to figure out the names of! Basically the australian wildlife. Just take a look:

It is super important to drive extra carefully, especially during down and dusk, as at these times kangaroos are most active! They can easily cross the road and surprise you! It’s better to slow down and try to spot them in the wilderness of the Australian outback!

The first place to check on our list was a Namburg NP, located around 200km north of Perth. What the park is famous for is the extraordinary pinnacle dessert walk/drive that takes you to an out-of-this-world adventure. As both walk and drive cover the same area, we would recommend to take a drive and have frequent stops. The 4WD is not necessary. Pinnacles are ancient tree trunks that turned into stones. They are spread across the sandy dessert and are spectacular! There’s also a lot of them so you will find the perfect ones to pose with, even if there’s some crowd around. The tree trunks vary in size and can reach up to 4meters in height!

As we set off the next morning, we re-stocked our supplies in Geraldton (the nearby city with supermarkets, yay!) and began the scenic route towards Kalbarri NP. That’s a beautiful drive with numerous lookouts of the oceanfront and a pink lake, for example, which seems to be a quite common phenomenon in Australia;) the costal scenery creates the ocean-part of the Kalbarii NP.
Kalbarii NP, its inland terrirory, offers you the spectacular views of the costal scenery and beautiful inland gorges lining the Murchison River. You can take some beautiful trails that will lead you to the river pools ready for your swim (in the wet season). Due to heavy rain the road towards Nature’s window rock arch, a magnificent rock formation, was closed but we managed to enter the park from a different side. Fortunately Hawks Head was available for visitors and we could enjoy the amazing view of the river with the massive rocky background and a rainbow!

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