Swamps of Everglades and Mexican Gulf

Key West, Florida

Key Westey

Once you are in Florida it is worth it to plan a trip to the very end of the penninsula. The road takes you across many bridges. One of them is famous for beeing over 7 mile long. Finally after passing picturesque bays and islands you will make it to southern most town in continental USA – Key West.

The town is located just 90 miles away from Cuba and it is well known for its caribbean climat, colonial architecture and friendly atmosphere. A place was an inspiration to many artists, one of them was Ernest Hemingway himself.
Here you can visit fortress from civil war period, buy fresh cigars, enjoy spectacular reef, or a joyful dip in warm waters of the gulf. Planty of good ways to spend the afternoon!

Everglades National Park

A “Must see” of Florida state is definitely Everglades National Park. It is a vast area full of wetlands, swaps and marshlands. You can find many extraodrdinary species of animals and plants living down here.  We took a combo 1,5 day trip for Key West and Everglades for 70$, had to haggle hard! It included airboat cruise. The vessel is powered by a gigantic propellers mounted on the back of the boat above the water line. During the cruise we were bussy trying to spot alligators.

We saw a few adult alligators and a few that had just hatched. Those were tiny! Other than that, the swaps turned out to be full of wildlife! Tourtles, waterbirds, snakes, you name it! When the ride finished we headed to the small open-air stage where a ranger told us all about the local raptiles. His southern accent was so strong and the presentation was very informative. At the end of it, he even wrestled with an adult aligator himself!

You can even try the alligator meat here. It is a local delicatessy. Some say it is just like eating fish and chicken at the same time. Would you give it a go?

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