Cusco – A gateway to the Inca World

Archbishop Palace, Cusco

Gateway to Inca World

Cusco is a must-do stop for everyone who wishes to discover the Lost Empire. Tourists from all over the world flock to the city and the locals know how to use it. The most popular spot is obviously Machu Picchu. You can get there in many ways, we would recommend the adventorous 5-day Salkantay Trek.

Unique among peruvian cities
Unique among peruvian cities

The city full of history

Colonial architecture was often build on the ruins of Incas structures. Most spanic landmarks are located near to the central Plaza de Armas. The Cathedral and the churches are neat. The Archbishop palace was build on top of Inca building.

The half of the height is a precise construction work. Inca builders used special techniques to match rock blocks just as the lego. They fit so perfectly that it is impossible to fit a sheet of paper in between. Thank to this technique the buildings were able to resist the earthquakes. One of the rock blocks has 12 corners.

We could only imagined how hard it was to fit it in so perfectly.

The city is full of stalls with colourful alpaca wool marchendise. Cocoa Museum shops are quite popular as well. You can try there a variety of chocolate and even make your own. The cocoa nibs tea is worth trying as well.

Shopping time!
Shopping time!

A visit to the local market

The local market – mercado is a great place to go. There are hundreds of stalls with literally everything. We walked pass the fruit and juice sector and we finally made it to gastronomy sector. Numerous cooks were shouting to advertise their offer. You can have a big plate full of goodies for as cheap as 5 soles.

Inca Fortress

There is a sculpture Christo Blanco on the mountain slope above the city. It is a great place to go to enjoy breathtaking, pamoramic views of the city below. What is more, right next to it you can find  the archeological complex of Sacsayhuaman – the Inca fortess. There you can marvel at the amazing stone work and meet alpacas casually feeding on nerby grasses. Fantastic spot.

The city of a thousand tourist agencies

Finally, Cusco is the perfect base for exploring the nerby attractions. Inca trail and Salkantay trek will take you to misterious Machu Picchu. You can find variety of activities to fit everyone’s needs. Those more into history should visit Incas Sacred Valley, while active, adventurous hikers should consider trekking to the spectacular Rainbow Mountain at 5200 masl. We considered Cusco our base for few days and we stayed in cheapest hostels, but there are some really luxurious hotels as well. Whatever you choose, surely you will have a great time in Cusco.

Centre of Cusco
Centre of Cusco

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