3 reasons to visit Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park

One of the most famous National Parks in Australia is Kakadu National Park. We were really excited about visiting this place. It is home to thousands of species of water birds, plants and animals. All of them do incredibly well it this wet, tropical climate.  It is truly one of the Australia’s most extraordinary places. Still not convinced to go?

Here are our top 3 reasons to visit Kakadu National Park:

     1. Landscape.

As you drive through out the Park you will see a variety of different landscapes. First wetlands surrounding river catchments. They are full of birds and extraordinary vibrant green colours. Secondly, you will come across rocky plateux, where after a brief hike you can see the endless land surrounding you. You eyes can see so far and the bush spreads all the way to the horizont. It is trully magical to just stair at this tranquil, aincient land while sun goes down. Unforgetable. And finally the third part of the landscape – waterfalls and billabongs. Best known of them all is Jim Jim Falls, which flows only in the wet season and during that time it can be only reached by the scenic flight. In dry season you can get there by sandy 4wd route.

 2. Aboriginal Rock Art. 

There are two main rock art sites in Kakadu – Ubirr and Nourlangie Rock. Both of them feature extraordinary galleries of paintings. Some of them are believed to be more than 10000 years old. It makes you feel the stron bond which Aboriginal people have with their homeland. If you are into cultural and art experiences you can find out more informations in visitor centers

     3. Wildlife. 

Kakdu is filled with wild animals. You can see thousands of birds of many different species practicly every time you get out of the car. But Kakadu is also one of the best places to see wild crocodilles in their natural habitat! River crossing to Arnhelm Land is the by far the best spot! You can find out in the visitor center about high tide times. Than make sure you get to the crossing early enought to save yourself the best spot on the viewing platform right next to the riverbank.

As the hight tide comes the water in the river starts to flow upstream pushing the fish across the rocky crossing. In just a few minutes water level rised more than a meter. Sneeky crocodilles just wait with their jaws open. At some point we could see up to 14 of them.

We took some great snaps of the moments when fish is unable to fight the current and just falls into the toothy trap. It is amazing to watch reptails hunting. They seem so calm and slow and suddenly ther move as fast as a lightning to catch their prey. After an hour water starts to fall down again and crocodilles cross back downstream. This is such a extraordinary spectacle. Only such a great director as mother nature herself could have prepared it for us!

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