Darwin and the Top End

Darwin sunset


The Northern Territory Capital is situated in a remote top end of this vast state. The city is surrounded by the tropical, ancient landscape. The downtown is surrounded by the beautiful harbour. The waterfront features a beach, waterpark and an artificial wave pool. This is a pretty sweet spot to relax.

If you visit Darwin in the dry season, make sure to pay a visit to the Mindil Beach. Every Thursday and Saturday the place tranforms itself into a busy market full of delicious food stalls, local craft and handmade goodies sellers, performers and musicians.
Folks buy some yummy stuff and gather at the beach to enjoy the flavours together with the spectacular view of the sunset.

Crocosaurus Cove

Right in the city center you will find Crocosaurus Cove, a place where you can take a closer look at the famous top end crocs. Besides them, you can also see some other local reptiles and fish. The place itself is rather small, but it hosts a great attraction called  “Cage of Death“.

This allows you to sit in the same pool as a huge 6m crocodille. Do not worry, you will be safe as you are in a cage made of bulletproof glass as long as you do not stick your fingers outside! From the inside you can take a really close look at this predator. Our new reptile friend was called Chopper and it was poking our cage, staring straight at us. Staying in the cage is really exciting. First, you can enjoy  the crock’s company and marvel at it cruising right next to you. You can see its sharp teeth as well as the colour of its eyes! Then, it is feeding time!
Chopper gets its treat delivered on the fishing rod and jumps out of the water just a few centimiters from our faces! It is amazing how quickly this animal moves! it seems it is just slowly drifting around but do not let that fool you, it can suddenly attack in a blink of an eye! Such a great experience!

Lichfield National Park

129 km south from Darwin (which is considered really close in the NT) you will find the Lichfield National Park. This is a perfect place to cool off in amazing crock-free pools and waterholes. Some of them are situated just by the waterfalls! Florence falls and Wangi Falls are just splendid!  Your time there will be surely extraordinary. Some other attractions of the park are Magnetic Termite Muds. They are so called as they point North-South. This allows insect to control the temperature inside as only the smallest part of the wall is exposed to the sun! Hell yeah mother nature!

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