Perth – We are back in Australia!

Perth, the capital of Western Australia

Beautiful South Perth

Just like 1,5 years ago, when we first came to Australia, we arrived to Perth again. The capital of Western Australia is a big city with its downtown filled with skyscrapers, but it still has this charming, cosy, little town-like atmosphere. We spent most of our time in South Perth. As usual, we were very lucky with couch surfing. We were staying on the edge of the park witch covers the entire South Bank of the Swan River. We could see the downtown towering in the distance at any time of the day. It is perfect spot to relax and marvel at the downtown. We did that while we had our morning coffee, when we went for a sunset walk and even when the big city lights illuminated the night. Whenever we wanted to go to CBD we just hopped on the ferry and after 5 minutes we were already in the downtown. The South Perth neighborhood was trully charming and if we ever visit this city again, we would love to stay there one more time.

Oceanfront relax

Perth is well communicated with the nearby beaches. This time we chose to visit the famous Scarborough Beach. It is a long stretch of white sand at the coast of the Indian Ocean. Perfect! It turned out to be a windy day, but the local kitesurfer could not be more happy about it. There were a lot of them speeding across the choppy waters, everywhere we looked.

Back in the Land Down Under

We are full of hopes and very excited about being back in the Land Down Under for the second year. We are planning to visit Broome and the Kimberley Region. It is the only region we did not visit during our grand road trip because it is very remote. First things first ,we need to repair our budget a little bit, therefore we are heading to the Coral Bay by the Ningaloo Reef. You will hear more about it soon!

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