Grand Canyon

Ready to explore the canyon

Grand Canyon, Arizona

You have probably heard that in the USA everything is HUGE. It’s exactly the same if you think about the natural wonders like: Grand Canyon, for example. Not only it’s really big but also very impressive! During our very first roadtrip across the USA, we got to the South Rim at night so we could wait for the sunrise. It was an amazing morning as the Grand Canyon were slowly showing off its extraordinary beauty.

The sunrise was remarkable. It’s really worth getting up early in order to see the magic hour show in the most stunning location. We were not sure if we are dreaming or it’s the reality! We will never forget this moment.


South Rim of the Park

The South Rim of Grand Canyon is open whole year round and is the most popular location for the tourists to see the National Park in Arizona. The transportation inside the park works really well and you can use free buses that will take you to different lookouts. (All that is included in your entry-fee to the Park).

Sky Walk

You can also choose to walk on the platform made of glass with the Rim of the Canyon located 70 feet behind you. Quite exciting. If you dare to look down, the bottom of the canyon will be 2,000 feet below. It’s called Sky Walk. We didn’t go there ourselves because of the expensive entry-tickets.

The bottom of the Canyon

 Grand Canyon seems big, but you can only realise how big if you walk from the South Rim to the North one with an effort of your own muscles.
If you wish to travel to the North, less crowded Rim of the valley, you have 2 options. First is a 2-day hike through the bottom or you can take a 300km detour by car. We didn’t hike it all but we spent the whole day to get to the bottom and back to the start of the trail and we felt satisfied with the views around. It’s totally different if you look at the canyon from above or from the bottom!


The North Rim of the Canyon

A year later, during our roadtrip across Utah and Colorado Plateau we managed to get to the north Rim of the Canyon. We could tell right from the beginning that it’s not so popular with tourists and much less crowded. It was full of trees, which made it much greener than the South Rim. Once we got there, the weather was pretty bad. The fog was all over the Canyon and it was raining. Luckily, after some time it changed and the Canyon became visable again. We could take photographs, just as we like and fullfill our souls with the beauty of the wonderful landscape around. This area is closed in winter! 


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