Coral Bay – We live by the Ningaloo Reef!

Coral Bay

Work and Holiday Visa

In November 2016 the regulations for visa 462 holders changed. As a result, the holders of Work and Holiday Visa can apply for prolonging their stay for another year if they meet the certain criteria. The most important one is working for the minimum of 3 Months in a remote part of the Northern Australia. We were lucky enough to had been already employed in a remote Curtin Springs roadhouse in the middle of the desert of Northern Territory. By working there, we were able to not only apply for the second year visa but also save money for our future adventures. In addition, we could visit the famous Australian landmark, located nearby – aboriginal monolith Uluru.

The return to Australia

In the beginning of 2018 we came back to the Land Down Under after a year full of traveling and amazing adventures. This time we wanted to look for a job by the sea, close to the incredible beaches. We chose to look for a job in a remote corner of Western Australia as this region is famous for its beauty and it is far away from the big city’s hustle and bustle. Before our arrival we had sent out some emails with our resumes, but we did not hope for much. The plan was to buy a car in Perth and head North looking for a job on the way. Working in remote locations have some advantages. One of  them is that most of the employers provide food and accommodation for the employees at a discounted price. That makes saving money so much easier. Our online job hunting turned out to be more effective than we assumed and we got a job offer in Coral Bay. After just few days in Perth, we booked our flights North to the Learmouth Airport, where we were picked up by our new employer.

Amazing shoreline
Amazing shoreline

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a small settlement inhabited by only about 300 people. It is located by the picturesque bay. In the high season a lot of tourist flock here to enjoy the scenery. They can chose from variety of accommodation. There are 2 hotels, backpackers hostel and 2 camping grounds/caravan parks. There is a small supermarket, a bakery, 2 cafes and 2 restaurants. We are working in one of them called Bill’s Bar. There is quite a few young travelers working here with the similar mindset to ours. Right after our arrival, we participated in the staff party. It took place on a boat and swimming with manta rays and snorkeling with sharks was a part of it. So incredible! The busy season is linked with the presence of marine life which seasonally visit local waters.

Panoramic view of Coral Bay
Panoramic view of Coral Bay

Ningaloo Reef

We have been to Coral Bay in Ningaloo Reef during our honeymoon road trip, 2 years ago. We had a time of our lives back then when we swam with the biggest fish in the sea – the whale shark. They come here every year between February and August. In addition, from June to September humpback whales migrate along the shore. So we knew that we won’t be bored in our free time.  The Ningaloo reef is accessible straight from the beach. When it comes to the Great Barrier Reef in the East which is 15-30 km away from the mainland and you need a boat or an expensive boat trip. In Coral Bay, you can marvel at the underwater wonders everyday. All you need is a mask and a snorkel. In the shallow waters of the bay you can see a lot of fish in different colors and sizes. Near the beach we can often spot a blue dotted sting ray.

The Circle of Live

Visiting Coral Bay at a particular part of the year brings some extra wildlife spotting opportunities. From September to February at nearby beaches accessible by 4wd track  you can spot turtles hatching. Little ones rush towards the sea to avoid predators lurking on land and in the air. If you walk North along the shore from Coral Bay after more or less 700 meaters you will make it to the next bay known as the Skeleton Bay. Over there young reef sharks spend their juvenile months. They grow up in the shallow waters of the bay and venture towards the ocean once they adult. You can spot them from the shore from October to March. If somebody enters the waters they tend to run away, so by staying dry-footed you secure the best view. The best time to go is during low tide and when the water is calm. It guarantees the best possible visibility of the young carnivores.

Beyond the reef…

Coral Bay is a place where Australian Outback meets the Coral Reef. You can not only enjoy underwater activities, but there is also a fair bit to do on land. You can enjoy the company of kangaroos which come to the beach in search of the food. In the evenings the sky is ablazed when the sun drops under the Indian Ocean. Sunset is not the end of photography opportunities, because the night sky is illuminated by billions of stars. The dry ecosystem and no light pollution creates a perfect viewing conditions for star gazing. You can easily spot our home galaxy – the Mily Way. In conclusion we are very lucky and greatful to be here. It is yet another proof that if a person sets his mind on a goal it eventually becomes reachable.

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