Australia’s south-western corner

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Our severe wanderlust took us to south – western corner of Australia. It has a lot to offer! Let’s begin with picturesque Esperance. The town is situated by the southern ocean and is known for having some of the Australia’s best beaches. You can enjoy them on the 40km ocean drive which takes you along the cost and provides marvelous views and stunning summer leisure spots.
On the downside, at the end of the drive you reach Pink Lake which is sadly no longer pink 🙁 Only the name is left after the lake was flooded and all pinkish bacteria responsible for the colour is now gone. If you happen to be in Esperance make sure you don’t miss nerby Cape La Grand National Park – more about it over here.

As you travel west you will pass Fitzgerald River NP which is one of the biggest parks in Western Australia and is famous for its unique flora. Then, as you calculate your route for Albany, make sure to choose the road that takes you through Stirling Range National Park. The most popular hike there is the one approaching summit of the tallest peak of the range – Bluff Knoll. Roundtrip takes about 4h and includes steep ascent. The 360 degree view from the top makes it up for the efforts of hiking.

The town of Albany is known for its whaling past. Today, they figured that much more money can be made by showing gargantuan ocean mammals to tourist than by hunting. Town itself has unique, cosy atmosphere and is a great place if you want to be spectator on an annual humpback whale migration show. Cruises run from harbour daily. You can also visit an old whaling station and learn about this industry. Nerby Tordirrup National Park has some amazing costal scenery and from places like Stonyhill lookout you can spot whales. Do NOT miss famous rock cliffs of The Gap and The Natural Bridge.

As you press west along the cost your next lovely stop is Walpole – Normalup National Park where you can take a treetop walk or a regular forest trail and enjoy some shade of the big Red Karri trees. They are very similar to California’s Sequoias.
On your way to Margaret River you can climb one of the tall tree lookouts, for example one called Diamond Tree. It is a metal ladder nailed to the side of the tree. Climb is quite demanding though. In the neigbourhood you can also visit one of the caves like Mammoth Cave or Jewel Cave. Wrap up your journey in one of many wineries which made Margaret River top tourist destination.

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