We have moved to the desert!

Australia’s outback

So… we decided to move to the real Australia’s outback in the heart of the Land Down Under. Red sand, desert, and miles & miles of endless plains. Close to Uluru (around 100km), yet far enough to feel that we really are located in the middle of nowhere.

How is it to work for a Road House?

As the cities of Australia are usually remote and there’s a long distance to cover before getting to the final destination, you get a much needed rest in roadhouses just off the road. We decided to look for a job in a place like that. Curtin Spring Station is our home at the moment and a lovely location for many turists to stop by and re-stock, get some fuel or stay for a night or two in the available accomodation or campsite.

The station has been run by a 4-genertion family until now ever since the very beginning. Today, the Lasseter Highway leading to the famous Rock is crowded with hundreds of people passing by every day.

Curtin Springs

Curtin Springs is more than a Road House. It’s like a Rancho with cattle wandering across the 400.000 hectars of land. The owners of the Station, the Severin Family, own also a remarkable Mt Connor, which is easily mistaken for Uluru by many turists on daily basics. For this reason, Mt Connor can be sometimes named Fooluru, as it creates the first misleading impression.

Curtin Springs Staff

Apart from the Severin Family members, the staff consist of people all over the globe, mostly backpackers that came to AU on a Work and Holiday Visa, just like us. There’s a lot to be done in the station so it could run smoothly and provide visitors and guests with the best outback experience. From working in the store, monitoring the fuel, helping out in the kitchen and housekeeping, to reception tasks and gardening. It’s a good place to save a bit, as the nearest store is 85-km West, in Yulara.

The best time to visit Australia’s Red Centre

If you plan to visit Australia, keep in mind the seasons of the year with its pros and cons. In the Northern Territory, the major season starts in June and lasts for the next 3-4 Months. Later on, the flies, bugs, spiders, snakes and many other wild creatures come to live and assist you in the less comfortable way. It’s good to get a fly net to secure your face from thousands of flies that get more active as the temperatures grow rapidly in the spring/summer time ( Oct- Feb). Watch out for geckos as well! They may be your neighbours even if you don’t spot them too often.

Australia’s dangerous creatures…

It’s the same with the Tropical North Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. Dry and safer season comes in Australia’s winter (May – September). Wet season starts in October and lasts till March. It comes with the presence of the deadly Jelly Fish in the waters of the Coral Sea, crocodiles that get more active from the heat as well as all these different, hazardous creatures you have probably seen on TV. Snakes and lizards are especially popular in our location, of the Australia’s Golden Outback in the Red Heart of the continent.

Although it may sound a bit scary we are grateful for being able to experience the wonders of the real outback. With the backyard full of starts and low humidity, the milky way has never looked brighter. Let the adventure begins!


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